Master's program in English

Master's program in English

Educational objectives

The programme combines fundamental science with cutting-edge technologies, develops problem-solving and collaborative skills, and emphasizes entrepreneurship. It also allows students to conduct original research with experienced faculty members. Due to a variety of elective courses, the programme is tailored towards the students’ individual strengths and career goals. Graduates might work as software developers, programmers, hardware engineers, or information systems managers, among others, and will also be prepared to pursue a PhD programme in a related discipline.


The master's program is in English that will enable students to secure positions and/or participate in a project in the IT industry internationally. They will also be able to continue their studies abroad or fulfill leadership roles in multinational firms.

Properties of the master's program

The admission requirements of the master's program are defined by the decree of EMMI (Ministry of Human Capacities) 18/2016. (VIII.5) paragraph 9.4.


Level of education: master's degree (MSc)

Qualification specified in diploma: Business Informatics and Computer Science Engineer