MSc in Computer Science Engineering

Educational objectives

The goal of the education programme is to provide students a high-level knowledge built on a strong foundation of natural and technical sciences related to the fields of Computer Science and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in order to enable them to understand, design, implement and integrate complex, heterogeneous networked systems, and furthermore, to coordinate and perform research and development tasks for IT purposes. The programme will equip students with knowledge of algorithms, performance and quality of IT-services, communications systems protocols and architectures, a safe and secure design of hardware and software components of embedded and distributed systems, and also to combine a scientific perspective with the practical engineering approaches. Advanced and emerging future technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence methods are in special focus. As a basic objective, the students will be prepared to be able to continue their studies in postgraduate schools, such as in the Doctoral School of Multidisciplinary Engineering Sciences at Széchenyi István University.

Who is the programme aimed at?
  Introduction of the Programme


Programme details

Occupation obtained: Computer Science Engineer

Programme award: Master, MSc

Length of education: 4 semesters

Credit points: 120 credits

Schedule: Full-time

Compulsory internship: 6 weeks

Dual training: Available

Tuition fee:

  • For Hungarian students: state-funding or self-funding
  • For international students: scholarship (e.g. Stipendium Hungaricum) or self-funding


Head of Program: