Dear Visitor!


We are pleased to welcome you to Széchenyi István University Department of Informatics. The education of engineering students at the predecessor of our university started in 1974. The changes going on in the 1980s had a great effect on Hungarian higher education and our institution as well causing the introduction of new courses mainly in connection with transportation, along the former ones.
These events led to the foundation of the Computer Science course under the wings of the three newly founded departments: Department of Informatics, Department of Applied Informatics and Department of Computer Science.

At present the Faculty provides the following courses: MSc and BSc in Computer Science Engineering, MSc and BSc in Business Informatics and MSc in Computer Science.
During the training of the first four courses our department actively cooperates with other departments of the University. Primarily we work together with the Department of Mathematics and Computational Sciences, the Department of Telecommunication and the Department of Automation. The department responsible for the last course, MSc in Computer Science, is the Department of Mathematics and Computational Sciences.

In order to help education numerous well equipped computer labs are at disposal operated by this department and the Informatics and Media Centre of the University.

Miklós F. Hatwagner PhD.    
Head of the department